These stories were written for children by Dr Desmond Dennis and Dr Patrick Pickerty. They have both worked as family doctors and have many years’ experience in the National Health Service. Dr Pickerty retired a few years ago although, like all retired doctors, he does help out in the occasional emergency. Dr Dennis is still working as a full-time general practitioner.

Dr Pickerty suggests that parents or grandparents might find the stories interesting to read to their children or grandchildren. Dr.Dennis insists that they are essential reading for anyone considering a career in Nursing or Medicine and recommends that all new medical students should read “The Appendix”.

The stories are free. Both Dr Pickerty and Dr Dennis are happy for you to print them, copy them, give them to your friends or read them out loud in school. They don’t mind if you make improvements or change the endings. However, if you want to use them for any money making schemes you must get their permission.

We do not recommend reading these stories if you are in your surgery waiting to see your doctor, you are a patient in casualty (you will need something much longer, anyway) or you are about to be taken into hospital.

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