Thursday 23rd February 1989   Morning surgery 09:30

My Dad explained to us that tummy pain is often caused by constipation in small children.
“I am always surprised,” he said, “by the number of these children who are constipated and even more surprised by the fact that their parents hardly ever realise.”

“Right, Mrs Green, Dafydd has got this tummy pain again. Could he be constipated?”
“Not really, doctor.”

My Dad looked thoughtfully at Dafydd and rubbed his chin.

“Mmm . . . does he have to push when he goes for a poo?”
“I don’t think so, doctor.” Mrs Green shook her head.
“I do, Mum.”

“Mmm . . . is it painful when he has a poo?”
“He never complains, doctor.”
“It does hurt, Mum, and sometimes it is really painful.”

“Mmm . . . Does he pass big, hard stools?”
“Certainly not, Dr Desmond.” Mrs Green look horrified.
“I do, Mum. Last Friday, I had a massive poo in school. It blocked the toilet and they had to get the headmaster.”

They had to get the headmaster.
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