Thursday 9th March 1989   Home Visit 12:44

Tim's Friend, Fred










Tim’s friend, Fred, had come to see him. He was sitting by the bed, laughing loudly, when we arrived. Fred was holding a half empty bottle of cider and was already tipsy. He jumped up and approached Zoe and Chloe unsteadily and with an overfamiliar friendliness that made them both nervous. His speech was slurred. “Hallo, ladies.”

He turned to me and shook my hand crookedly.
“Don’t worry about my liver, Doc. It’s fine.” Fred patted his stomach to demonstrate that he was in good shape.
“Right, I better go and leave you experts to it.” He swayed slightly as he left.

Tim was feeling a little better. I think Fred had cheered him up. His Mum was very pleased to report that he had eaten half a ham sandwich for lunch.

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