Wednesday 15th March 1989   After dinner 19:20

Tim 2 (3)








Dad said that he had sent Zoe and Chloe back to see Tim. He had decided that it would be an interesting assignment for them; following Tim’s case would be a good learning opportunity.

“I don’t expect him to live for more than a couple of months. Everything should be done and dusted by the time you go back to Cardiff at the end of May.”

Of course, Dad was hardened to his ‘terminals’ but Zoe and Chloe found the idea difficult to cope with.

Tim felt pretty rough when they arrived although he tried to put on a brave face. The students did not know what to say. Mrs Chapman made them a cup of tea. They both refused a biscuit and hardly said a word. Zoe paced around the room while Chloe made notes. They didn’t stay long.

An interesting assignment.
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