Thursday 30th March 1989   Baby clinic 10:20

As Dr Lewis was on holiday, Dad had to do the baby clinic. There was no health visitor to help him.
At first, he seemed confident enough but there were 24 small children and 20 of them required vaccinations.

He gave the MMR vaccine to William Jones’ brother by mistake. To be fair, there wasn’t much of an age gap and Francis Jones was sulking: curled up in his Mum’s lap and hiding his face as if he was expecting an injection.
“A bit of extra protection won’t do him any harm, Mrs Jones. At least we can guarantee that he won’t ever get measles.”

By the end of the clinic, Dad was looking very flustered. There were cotton wool balls and empty syringes all over his desk.

He forgot to put the rest of the vaccines back into the fridge until the following day.

Baby clinic.
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