Thursday 27th April 1989   Morning surgery 08:55

My Dad is furious with our local hospital. He has just spent 20 minutes trying to admit a lady with severe, acute asthma.

 The nurse who deals with all the emergencies had said that she felt quite sure that the lady didn’t need to come into hospital. She suggested that my Dad tried an injection. She was confident that this would do the trick. They ended up having a massive argument and my Dad slammed the phone down.

My Dad looked at the patient. “I don’t believe it!” he said. I have been a GP for 30 years. In my early days, after I first qualified, I had a special interest in asthma. In front of me, is a lady who can hardly breathe. Her lips are beginning to turn blue. At the other end of the phone, is a nurse who does not think the patient needs to be admitted to hospital. She cannot see the patient and she cannot listen to her chest. However, she is quite sure that the patient does not admission. I really don’t believe it!”

I don’t believe it!