Thursday 11th May 1989   Morning surgery 09:23

measles boy










“Let’s have a look at this rash then, Mrs Preston.” My Dad looked impatiently at his watch.
Mrs Preston was quite flustered as she hurriedly undressed Nathan. He wriggled uncooperatively.
“So far, there is only one spot, doctor.”
“Only one spot! What do you mean?”
“He has just got one spot, on his chest.”
There was a small, pink, flat spot on Nathan’s chest.
“So, what you actually meant to say was that you were worried that this was a measle.”
“I suppose so, doctor.” Mrs Preston flushed with embarrassment.

“Well, I am afraid that I cannot diagnose measles if there is only one spot.”
“I did not realize that.”
“Obviously, Mrs Preston, there has to be more than one spot.”
“I am sorry, doctor.”
“Yes, it’s a great shame that you could not have waited.”
“It was just that I thought the quicker it was diagnosed, the better. What should I do, now?”

“I think you should get Nathan dressed and take him home.”

Could this be measles?