Wednesday 17th May 1989   After dinner 19:40

Dad and I were having beans on toast for tea because Mum was visiting Gran in the hospital. She and Declan arrived home just as we finished eating.
“Well, Gran’s had her bunions done.”
“At last,” said my Dad. “I’ve had enough of hearing about those feet of hers. How is she?”
“She is fine. In fact, she is better than fine. She loves being in the hospital.”

“You remember when she was in with the heart attack and chest infection last year?”
“Yes,” my Dad nodded.
“She realises now that she felt far too ill to appreciate her time in hospital. She didn’t make the most it. Bunion surgery has been an altogether more satisfying experience. So much so, that she has decided to get her shoulder done.”
My Dad looked surprised. “I didn’t think her shoulder was that bad.”
“It’s not, at the moment, but it will only get worse. She would like to get that out of the way before she has her new knee.”
“New knee!” My Dad looked even more surprised. “She has never complained about her knee.”
“Well, it’s been painful all day, today, Desmond.”
My Dad shook his head.

“Anyway, she’s made two new friends. Rita, in the bed opposite, has had an operation on her ankle and Phyllis, in the next bed, has had her second hip replacement. They are all going to meet up for coffee, once they have got over the worst of the surgery. She said to Phyllis: I wouldn’t be surprised, Phyllis, if I’m not back here in a few years having my own hips done. I think I will have both mine replaced at the same time.

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