Thursday 25th May 1989   Morning surgery 10:20

Zoe and Chloe have been seeing their own patients. They take turns in presenting ‘each case’ to my Dad.

“Melissa Martin is 15 years old. She has had a sore throat for 3 days. She has also had a bit of a cough and cold. She is managing to eat and is drinking plenty of fluids.” Zoe paused. “On examination, her temperature is normal. Her throat is red but her tonsils are not enlarged. Her chest is clear.” Zoe looked up at my Dad.
“Does she need any treatment?” He asked.
“We would like to give her something for her spots.” Chloe said.
“Her spots?” My Dad looked shocked.
“Yes, she has awful spots. We asked her if she was concerned about them and she burst into tears.”
“I thought she had come about her throat.”
“Her throat isn’t bad at all,” Chloe continued. “We think that the real reason she came was the spots.”
“Listen,” my Dad said. “She came about her throat and that’s what we are going to deal with. We can’t go looking for all sorts of other problems.”
Chloe took a deep breath. “She is getting to the age where she is worried about her appearance. Maybe, she is thinking about boyfriends.”
“I am very sorry,” my Dad said. “If she is going to make a song and dance about her spots, she will need to make another appointment. Dr Lewis likes treating spotty teenagers.”


Spotty teenagers.
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