Friday 30th June 1989   After dinner 19:40

Cauliflower cheese and chips used to be my Dad’s favourite snack when he was on-call in the hospital. He would arrange to meet Alistair, one of his colleagues from the surgical ward, in the canteen at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night. The cook would be waiting with a big plateful of food for each of them.
Both Alistair and my Dad resented the fact that, on an on-call weekend, they would be expected to work for 80 hours without a proper break and with hardly any sleep.  When they came for supper, they would turn off their bleeps for 30 or 40 minutes. That way, they could tuck in without any interruptions.

On one particular weekend, a patient on Alistair’s ward collapsed. By the time he had finished his food and switched his bleep back on, it was too late. The man had passed away.

Mum has always said that califlower cheese and chips is an unhealthy combination.

Cauliflower cheese and chips.
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