Thursday 24th August 1989   Morning surgery 10:30

“Don’t keep arguing with me, Mrs Crosby!” Dad’s alarm had not gone off. We got up late and left home without any breakfast.
“I am not arguing, Doctor.”
“Yes, you are, Mrs Crosby. I have told you that this pain is caused by a trapped nerve and that the trapped nerve is due to a slipped disc. I think I explained that quite clearly.”
“Yes, you did, Doctor.”
“I told you it would take between two and six months to settle down.”
“Yes, that’s exactly what you said, Doctor.”  Mrs Crosby looked very apologetic.
“Since then, you have said to me twice: I don’t know why I am getting this pain. Now, you are saying: I don’t know why it’s not better.”
“It’s just a way of explaining how bad it is.”
“Well, it sounds like you are arguing to me. Either you are not listening or you don’t believe me. If you aren’t going to listen to what I’ve got to say, I can’t see any point in you coming to see me.”

“Don’t keep arguing with me, Mrs Crosby!”
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