Tuesday 29th August 1989   After breakfast 07:50

Greek postcard










Dear Desmond,

We were very disappointed to find that you had changed your holiday dates at the last minute. By then, of course, it was too late for Vernon and I to do anything about our own travel arrangements. What a stroke of luck it was that the room next to ours was occupied by a Consultant Gastroenterologist! He took no time in getting to grips with my tummy troubles. He did not say anything but I got the distinct impression that he felt you had been half-hearted about my symptoms. Anyway, he is going to write to you to recommend a series of investigations and some new treatment.
Although it is not really his field, he did have some sensible suggestions to make regarding Vernon’s bladder. We will discuss these with you on our return.

 We still wish you were here!

 Val and Vern

A postcard from Agia Galini.
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