Thursday 28th September 1989   Morning surgery 11.00 

“Good morning, doctor. How are you?”
“I’m fine, thank you, Mr Parry.”
“Yes, I must say that you are looking very well. Did you enjoy your holiday?”
My Dad looked slightly surprised. “Yes . . . I did.”
“I have just been on holiday, myself,” explained Mr Parry. “In fact, that’s what prompted me to come to see you.”
“It was a lovely day. I was lying on the sun bed thinking how well I felt. In fact, I don’t think I have ever felt so healthy. My wife agreed that there couldn’t be a better time to come for a check-up.”
“I mean, I hardly ever come to the doctor and, if there is nothing wrong with me, it must be much easier for you.”
My Dad did not look convinced.
“I haven’t got any symptoms at all. My appetite is excellent. My weight doesn’t vary.  I never get pain. My breathing is fine. I’ve got no dizziness. I don’t suffer from any difficulty passing urine. I open my bowels every morning without fail. I think I’m in tip-top condition.”
“Mmmm . . . ”
Mr Parry continued: “I was hoping you could listen to my heart and lungs and check my blood pressure. That’s all.”

My Dad glanced at his watch and smiled. I could sense him warming to what was turning out to be a quick and straightforward consultation. He readied his stethoscope whilst Mr Parry took off his shirt and tie.

Tip-top condition.
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