Wednesday 22nd November 1989   Early morning waking 01.32

“It’s time you started seeing your own patients, Dennis.”
“I’m not ready, Dad.”
“You’ll be fine, Dennis. I’ll be sitting in the room next door. You’ll learn so much.”

 Of course, my first patient was Mrs Vaughan.

 “I need to see the skin specialist, Dennis. This rash is dreadful! It’s so itchy!”
“I can’t see a rash, Mrs Vaughan.”
“It’s all over me, Dennis. It’s everywhere. It’s driving me mad!”
“I can’t see it, Mrs Vaughan.”
“You can feel it. There are hundreds of small, prickly bumps under my skin.”
“I can’t feel it, Mrs Vaughan.”
“You’ll have to press harder, Dennis.”
“I still can’t feel it, Mrs Vaughan.”
“I’ve got to see the dermatologist, Dennis.”
“I’ll ask my dad.”
“I don’t want you to ask your dad, Dennis. I want you to phone the skin specialist now. I need to see him this afternoon.”
“You won’t be able to see him this afternoon, Mrs Vaughan. There’s a 27 week wait for a routine appointment.”
“There’s nothing routine about this, Dennis. It’s a dermatological emergency. It’s driving me mad!”

A bad dream.