Thursday 11th January 1990   Morning coffee break 12.17

“I couldn’t make head or tail of that lady’s pain. What did you think it was, Dennis?”
“I’ve got no idea, Dad.”
“We have just seen Mrs Talbot, Lois. She has the most bizarre pain in her right leg. Her symptoms make no medical sense whatsoever.”
“Tiffany Talbot?”
“She’s having marital difficulties, Desmond. I think she and her husband are going to split up.”
“Actually, she did mention Mr Talbot twice during the consultation.”
“Her unhappy relationship could be the cause of the symptoms, Desmond.”
“I should think it must be, Lois. I was tempted to ask how things were at home. Thank god, I didn’t. She would probably have burst into tears and we’d still be there consoling her now.”

How are things at home?