Thursday 8th February 1990   Morning coffee break 12.05

“You’ve had another complaint from Mrs Aitkins, Desmond.” Mrs Andrea Jones came into the staff room and sat down.
“Why don’t you see her, Lois? She is always complaining about me.”
“I don’t mind.” Dr Lewis smiled.
“I have discussed that with her several times,” Andrea explained. “She won’t see anyone else.”
My Dad sighed. “Well, what was she unhappy about this time?”
She said that, although she agrees that toothache is usually a dental problem, she did not feel that you should have been so angry about her wasting a valuable doctor’s appointment.”
No one said anything.

“I have drafted a letter of apology. Can I ask you to sign it, Desmond?”
“You are very efficient, today, Andrea.”
“Not really, I just made some minor changes to the painful corn letter we sent her last time.”

Another complaint from Mrs Aitkins.