Thursday 15th February 1990   Morning surgery 11.00

It must be National Paracetamol Prescribing Day. We all know that paracetamol is effective for muscle aches and ligament sprains. It will promptly bring the temperature of feverish children down. It’s the only thing that my Dad will take for flu. However, he has been recommending it for everything this morning.

It is this week’s number one treatment for migraine, Mr Brook.

I’ve got three patients who take it to help them sleep, Mrs Dobson. It works a treat.

The good thing about paracetamol is that it doesn’t have any side-effects and it will mix perfectly with all your other tablets, Mrs Ridley. In fact, you will probably find that they all work a little bit better.

You’ve got to sell your treatment to your patients, Dennis. That’s what he said after Mrs Ridley left his room with a big smile on her face and a prescription for 50 paracetamol in her hand.

National Paracetamol Prescribing Day.
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