Thursday 1st March 1990   Morning coffee break 11.59

“How was the course, Lois?”
“They have changed their minds about hormone replacement therapy again, Desmond. When I qualified, they were saying that we should be treating everybody with HRT. There has been another scare and now they are saying that nobody should be on treatment. There is no consistency. What annoys me most is that, whenever there is a new bit of research, they seem to come to the conclusion that all the old research is wrong. They have even said that, if any of our patients are already on HRT and refuse to stop, we should get them to sign a disclaimer.”
“That’s ridiculous!” my Dad said.
“It is going to be so difficult for these ladies.”
“I feel sorry for the husbands,” my Dad said. “I was reading an article the other day that said that the husbands of ladies with menopausal symptoms have been neglected by the medical profession.”
“You’re right, Desmond. I think we should do more for the husbands.”
“Daphne gets terrible premenstrual tension: doesn’t she, Dennis?”
I nodded.
“I am sure that we are all going to have an awful menopause.” My Dad sighed.
Dr Lewis smiled sympathetically: “Perhaps HRT will be back in fashion by then, Desmond.”

Another scare about hormone replacement therapy.