Thursday 5th April 1990   Morning surgery 10.00

“Dr Weston, the Cardiologist, suggested that I should come to see you. I was coughing when I went to see him.”
“It wasn’t just that, Henry, you sighed.”
“I don’t remember that.”
“Yes, you did, Henry. He coughed twice, Dr Desmond, and then gave a big sigh. One of those really big sighs so that anyone would think he had a dreadful cough or a cough that had been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks.”
“I don’t remember that.”
“Well, that’s why Dr Weston suggested that you came to see Dr Desmond, Henry.”
My Dad stood up and picked up his stethoscope.

“It was my back. That’s what it was.”
“Your back? What do you mean, Henry?”
“My back was really stiff after sitting on that hard, plastic chair in the waiting room for nearly two hours.  That was why I sighed. It was nothing to do with my cough.”
“Right, Mr Jackson, do you want me to listen to your chest?”
“Not really, Doctor, my cough has almost gone but I wouldn’t mind you checking my back.”

Go and see your doctor!
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