Thursday 19th April 1990   Morning surgery 09.49

We have just seen a young girl who wanted antibiotics for her sore throat. She said that she was getting married at the weekend and was worried that, if she did not have an antibiotic, she might have to cancel the wedding. She had brought her little sister along who was going to be a bridesmaid. The little sister hadn’t got the sore throat yet but the bride-to-be wanted her to have an antibiotic to prevent her catching it.

My Dad said that he hoped that the bride-to-be would not have to cancel the wedding. He hoped that the little sister would not get the sore throat but she might. He hoped that the groom would not catch the sore throat from kissing the bride.

My Dad said that, although he hoped all these things, he wasn’t able to prescribe antibiotics for the bride-to-be or her little sister.

Antibiotics for wedddings.