Thursday 17th May 1990   Morning  surgery 11.30

As I have already said, Dr Lewis is fantastic! It is easy to see why all the patients like her so much. Kindness and warmth radiate from her. She is always calm. The tone of her voice and the touch of her hand are reassuring.

Whatever problems they have, Dr Lewis’ patients always feel much better after leaving her consulting room.

Mildred Price said that Dr Lewis was as good as any tonic she had ever taken. Jack Anthony and Dr Lewis both wholeheartedly agreed that it was, at last, exactly the time right time for him to be referred for a new knee joint. A thorough neurological examination carried out on Mr Tobias Laurence completely convinced him that he did not have a brain tumour. Ceri Carter felt relieved after pouring her heart out for 25 minutes. She would have stayed for longer but Dr Lewis ushered her gently out of the consulting room.

P.S. Dad insisted on the title for this post.

Three cheers for Dr Lewis!