Saturday  25th August 1990   Portmere vs. Porthmadog 14.33

I couldn’t believe it! It was our new striker’s first game. He was our one hope for the season. He had played in both the Welsh and Welsh Alliance Leagues and had 40 top flight goals under his belt. Ifan Pushton had called him ‘the golden boy’.  There had been careless talk of a league and cup double but Declan and I were just hoping to avoid relegation.

He was making one of his famous wide runs. He was not particularly fast but had considerable momentum. As he stepped outside the right back, his foot landed in one of the larger Portmere potholes, turning his ankle. His knee twisted, taking the full force of his weight. There was a loud crunch and he went down with a groan. We could see his knee starting to swell before he hit the ground.

“Anterior cruciate, Den,” Declan gasped. “It’s completely gone!”
There was no arguing with Declan’s diagnosis. It was a classic Portmere home game injury. The golden boy was out for the season and, maybe, longer.

The golden boy.
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