Thursday 30th August 1990   Morning coffee break 11.40

“You like your emergencies, Lois.”
“Yes, I do, Desmond.”
“I always remember when you came for your interview in the practice. You told us that you were going to save at least one life every day.”
“You laughed, Desmond.”
“I must admit, if someone’s life needs saving, I have always been inclined to call an ambulance.”
“I’ve saved quite a few lives over the years.”
“I don’t think you have saved one every day though, Lois.”
“Perhaps not but, on some days, I’ve saved more than one.”
My Dad look surprised.
“Do you remember the Conroy twins?”
“You must do, Desmond. They both had double pneumonia. What about the St Luke’s School coach trip when I saw 27 children suffering from gastroenteritis?”
“I don’t think you saved any lives then, Lois.”
“I have to disagree with you, there. Two or three of those children were suffering from severe dehydration.”
“Do you remember when you diagnosed scabies in Ashbury Lodge residential home?”
“I definitely didn’t save any lives, there.”
“Yes, you did. Some of those old biddies were scratching themselves to death.”

“What about you, Desmond? You had that lady who was going to commit suicide because of her husband’s snoring.”
“Yes, he had a very severely blocked nose. His wife was at the end of her tether. I didn’t save her life though. I referred him to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist but they wouldn’t do anything.”
“She didn’t commit suicide, I hope?”
“No, they decided to get separate beds.”

Saving lives every day.