Thursday 6th September 1990   Morning coffee break 11.55

My Dad has decided he needs my help again. He thinks that, if I am in the surgery, it takes the pressure off when he sees his difficult patients.
“They don’t moan half as much when you’re with me, Dennis. I am not sure why. Maybe they are embarrassed about making all that fuss in front of someone else.”

He doesn’t agree that I’ve got so much more to learn from Dr Lewis and I felt she let me down by going along with him. After all, she had been getting me to see more and more patients on my own and it was only this morning that she said how well we worked as a team.

Eventually, I managed to negotiate a compromise. I would do one surgery a month and occasional home visits with Dr Lewis. The rest of the time, I was back with Dad. It wasn’t what I hoped for but it would have to do.

Back with Dad.