Thursday 11th October 1990   Morning surgery  10.30 

“From what you have said, Mrs Vaughan, I don’t think that this dizziness is anything to worry about.”
“I did not describe the dizziness, doctor, and you didn’t ask me anything about it. I just told you that I had been feeling dizzy.” Mrs Vaughan stared indignantly at my Dad. She obviously felt short changed.
“Yes, I know that. I was listening carefully to you.”
“If that’s all you knew, how could you say that it was nothing to worry about?”
“Well, after you told me about the dizziness, Mrs Vaughan, you mentioned your painful shoulder. You also said that you were getting heartburn and wind. Food seemed to be sticking in your throat and your feet were burning. The mucous running from both nostrils was irritating. You had noticed a dry, itchy patch of skin on your stomach. Your sciatica felt worse and your knee was playing up again.”
“So, I realised that the dizziness was nothing to worry about.”

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