Monday 10th December 1990   Morning sugery  09.04 

“She’s got the flu, Mrs Price.”
“But she’s got a really bad sore throat, doctor.”
“Yes, I’ve got an awful sore throat. I can’t eat a thing, doctor. It’s feels like I’m swallowing broken glass.” There were tears in Petra’s eyes.
“You can get an awful sore throat with the flu, Petra. It is one of the normal symptoms.” My Dad tried to be as sympathetic as he could.
“I’m worried she is going in for tonsillitis again. She gets terrible tonsillitis.”
“She won’t get tonsillitis on top of the flu, Mrs Price. I can completely reassure you there. It’s one or the other.”
“I would like her to have some penicillin, Dr Desmond, in case.”
“I am not going to prescribe penicillin for the flu, Mrs Price.”

She’s got the flu, Mrs Price.