Monday 10th December 1990   Morning sugery  09:20

“Good morning! How’s Andrew?”
“He’s been flat out with the flu but he’s a bit better today.” Mrs Tarley sat down. “The receptionist said that, while I was here, I could ask you to have a quick look at the triplets.”
Tara, Tabitha and Tesni were well behaved for 3 year olds. They stood quietly and looked at my Dad from under mops of curly, straw coloured hair. Their cheeks glowed red. They smiled. Each of them had the same front tooth missing. Tesni covered her mouth with the back of her hand and giggled.
Dad did not appear to be moved by their appealing nature. He frowned.
“I am sorry, Mrs Tarley, I haven’t got time today. You’ll have to make another 3 appointments.”

Tara, Tabitha and Tesni.