Tuesday 18th December 1990   After dinner  20:00

“Could I have the flu jab, Dad?”
“Don’t be stupid, Declan.” I scowled.
“You don’t work in the surgery. Dad and I have the flu jab because we work in the surgery?”
“What about Mum?”
“She’s a nurse, Declan. Mum has the flu jab because she works in the hospital.”
“Couldn’t you sneak a flu jab out for Declan, Desmond?”
“I am afraid not, Daphne. The government regulations on influenza vaccination are very strict.”
“So, I’ll be the only one in this family who gets the flu!” Declan was quite indignant. “What if I die? Will you be happy then, Dennis?”
“I don’t think you’ll die, Declan.” Mum smiled reassuringly.
“Mum, people do die of the flu,” I protested. “According to the experts, about 10,000 patients die of the flu every year. Some of those people will be annoying, young teenagers like Declan.”

Could I have the flu jab?
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