Thursday 20th December 1990   Morning coffee break  12:17

“Mr Gibson was stroppy this morning.”
“Why was that, Desmond?” Dr Lewis was signing the prescriptions. She looked up.
“I said that we wouldn’t visit his wife. She’s had typical flu symptoms: fever, shivering and aching all over. There’s been no cold but she’s had a headache and some tummy pain. She only started feeling ill last night. I told Mr Gibson that we couldn’t go and see every patient with the flu.”
Dr Lewis went back to her prescriptions. The rest of us drank our coffee quietly.

“Did she enjoy her holiday?” Harriet had just finished her soup.
“Holiday? I really don’t have time to ask all my patients about their holidays, Harriet.”
“It was just that Mrs Gibson and her husband came in for their vaccinations at the beginning of November. It was a bit of a rush because they were leaving on the 8th of December. They must have just got back.”
“Vaccinations?” Dr Lewis pricked her ears up. “Where did they go, Harriet?”
“Mmm . . . I am not sure . . . let me think . . . I know, they went on safari, to Africa.”
“Africa! Oh my God, Desmond! She’s probably got malaria. Come on Dennis. We better go and see her straight away.”

Typical flu symptoms.