Thursday 21st February 1991   Morning surgery 10:05

My Dad scowled and picked up the phone. He hates being interrupted in the middle of a consultation.
“It’s Penny from reception, Dr Dennis. I am sorry to disturb you. I have just had a phone call from Mrs Gwenllian Graham. It sounds like she’s in atrial fibrillation.”
“I wouldn’t have thought so, Penny.”
“I am quite sure she is. She says her heart is going like the clappers. It’s all over the place. She feels breathless and dizzy too. She is coming out in cold sweats.”
“Mmmm . . .”
“I have arranged for Harriet to do an ECG and I’ve squeezed her in with you, after.”
“Squeezed her in with me?”
“Yes, I have squeezed her in between Mavis Marsh and Alan Adams.”
“Mavis Marsh! She always takes ages. She’ll probably have a long list of problems.”
“Yes, when I spoke to her yesterday, she said she had seven problems she wanted to discuss with you.”
“You will have to ring her and cancel, Penny. Tell her I’ve had a serious emergency. You can book her in for next week.”
“She won’t agree to that, Dr Dennis. She said that three of her problems are very urgent.”
My dad groaned. “You will have to try, Penny.”
“Don’t worry! Everything is sorted out. Mrs Graham has agreed to see Dennis first. All you will need to do, is decide whether she should go into hospital. That won’t take more than a couple of minutes. I can even ask Dr Lewis to look at the ECG if you want.”
“I am perfectly capable of diagnosing atrial fibrillation, Penny.”
“I am sorry, doctor. It was just a suggestion.”

Her heart is going like the clappers!