Thursday 28th February 1991   Morning surgery 11:40

After Dr Lewis had finished examining Arthur Rowe’s tummy, she took a peek down his trousers. I thought his mum might call the police.
“There we are, Dennis,” she said, “a very painful, swollen, purple testicle.”
Even though she knew I did not want to become a doctor, she made me look. “Don’t touch it,” she warned.
Dr Lewis really didn’t need to tell me that. No one wants their testicles touched at the best of times. In this situation, it would be unbearable.

“In testicular torsion, Dennis. The testicle is twisted. The twist cuts off the blood supply. In effect, Arthur’s testicle is strangling itself. If we want to save his testicle, it has to be untwisted quickly. They suggest it should be operated on within 6 hours.”

“You will need to take him straight to hospital, Mrs Rowe.”

Testicular torsion.