Thursday 7th March 1991   Morning surgery 11:59

Cardiff uni emergency illustration










By the end of their first surgery, it was obvious to Dr Lewis and I that Dylan and Dilys, our new medical students, were in love.

They had spent the whole morning glancing furtively at each other. They sat very close together so that their elbows or knees, at least, were always in contact. Their hands would accidentally collide, Dilys would grab Dylan’s arm and during longer consultations, he would find himself leaning against her.

The worst thing was when Tiffany Jones brought her new baby in. He was only 3 weeks old and, to be fair, he was cute. Dilys could not contain her excitement. She was all over Tommy. Dylan controlled his emotions more stoically but you could see that, even from a distance, he took an almost fatherly interest in the child. I got the impression that, as soon as we had finished surgery, they were going to rush off and start a family of their own.

Dylan and Dilys.
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