Thursday 14th March 1991   Morning surgery 09:30

“How are you, Mr Gwilym?”
“Well, I’ve been quite good really, Dr Lewis. The stent seems to be working. I am still eating quite well. The only thing is, I’ve been feeling a little bit breathless, just over the last week or so.”
Dr Lewis looked concerned. “Have you had a cold?”
“I haven’t.”
“Are you coughing?”
“Have you had any pain in the chest?”
“No, none at all.” George Gwilym reassured Dr Lewis.
“What’s your breathing like at night?”
“It seems fine, then.”
“Can you lie down flat in bed?”
“Yes, that’s no problem.”
“You don’t wake up out of breath?”
“Are your legs swelling?”
“Have you had any trouble with your breathing before?”
“No. I haven’t.”

Dr Lewis examined George Gwilym’s chest. In fact, we all had a listen. She checked his pulse and blood pressure.
She sat down. “Your chest sounds fine to me.” The three of us nodded in agreement. “Your blood pressure is on the low side and you do look pale. I am wondering if you are slightly anaemic. That can make you breathless.”
“I do feel dizzy at times.”
“Yes, anaemia could make you feel dizzy as well. We will book you in for a blood test tomorrow morning. We’ll see you again next Thursday for the result.”

A little bit breathless.
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