Thursday 21st March 1991   Morning surgery 10:05

“We’ve just seen George Gwilym for you Dr Lewis. He’s not well at all. He’s much more breathless than last time.” Dylan had come to Dr Lewis’ door. He looked very concerned.
“His lips are going blue.” Dilys said.
“He’s having a pain in his chest. It’s really sharp and catches when he takes a breath.”
“It’s pleuritic.”
“Obviously!” Dylan frowned reproachfully at Dilys. “He’s got quite a fast pulse, too. It doesn’t sound like a chest infection and I don’t think it’s the anaemia. He’s much too breathless for that, now. We’re worried he’s having clots, Dr Lewis. We think he needs to go into hospital straight away.”
“He’s a cancer patient which means he’s at high risk of clots.” Dilys added helpfully.
“Dr Lewis knows that! Would you like us to call an ambulance? I’ll ask Harriet to get the oxygen.”
“Yes, you ring for the ambulance, Dylan. I’ll go and have a look at George.”

We’re worried he’s having clots, Dr Lewis.