Friday 12th April 1991   Home visit 10:00

“Good morning, Dr Lewis.”
“Good morning, George. When did you come home?”
“On Tuesday . . . you were right, I was having clots.”
“It’s Dilys and Dylan you need to thank, George. They made the diagnosis.”
George Gwilym smiled at the students. He held out his hand. They both shook it. Dilys seemed embarrassed but Dylan looked pleased with himself. “Dr Harper said I was having lots of small clots,” George continued. “He said that small clots are quite difficult to diagnose. Apparently, a big clot is easier to pick up.”
“I thought you were anaemic to start with, didn’t I?” Dr Lewis was blushing now.
“Mmm . . . “ said George. “Don’t worry about that. Anyway, I am feeling a bit better already. Dr Harper thought it would take a few months before my breathing got back to normal.”
“It might not ever be as good as it was,” Dr Lewis said.
“Well, there’s a lot going on,” said George.

Lots of small clots.
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