Thursday 18th April 1991   Morning surgery 09:10

“I’ve got this awful pain in my tummy, doctor. It’s right up here.” Mrs Carter pressed her clenched fist up against the bottom of her breastbone.
“When did it start?”
“I can’t eat a thing. I can’t face any food.” She looked grimly at my Dad.
“Are you being sick?”
“I’m getting hunger pains.”
“Does it hurt to swallow?”
“You wouldn’t believe the wind I’ve got. The burps are terrible.”
“Have you felt bloated?”
“I am bringing up all this acid. It tastes so bitter.” Mrs Carter coughed.
“Have you lost weight?”
“The pain is going right through into my back. I can’t move with it.”

“Do you think this could be an ulcer, Mrs Carter?”
“My vertigo is back, doctor. It’s awful.”

Cross purposes.
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