Thursday 9th May 1991   Morning surgery 10:00

“I’ll just get my list, doctor.”
“Yes, as you know, I usually see Dr Lewis. She likes me to bring a list of my problems.”
“I am afraid that lists don’t work for me, Mrs Harris.”
“If I don’t bring a list, doctor, I won’t remember all my problems.”
“As far as I ‘m concerned, Mrs Harris, if a problem is serious enough to be discussed with your doctor, you will remember it.”
“That’s not what Dr Lewis thinks and I’m not entirely happy with your attitude, Dr Dennis.”
“I’m very sorry Mrs Harris. I am afraid that there are certain matters on which Dr Lewis and I completely disagree.”
“Perhaps I should make an appointment to see Dr Lewis then. She wasn’t available today.”
“I think that that would be the best option, Mrs Harris.”

I’ll just get my list, doctor.
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