Thursday 1st August 1991   Morning surgery 10:20

Mrs Mercer looked flustered. She sat down and started rummaging through her handbag.
“I am just trying to find my list, Doctor Dennis.”
“Your list?” My Dad raised his eyebrows.
“My list of problems, doctor. I don’t want to forget any.” She held up a scrap of paper. “There we are.”
“Most of my patients just have one problem at a time, Mrs Mercer, that’s much easier to remember.”
“It is not my fault that I’ve got so many problems, doctor.”
“No, I suppose not.” My Dad sighed. “What would you prefer, odds or evens?”
“Odds or evens?”
“Yes, Mrs Mercer, odds or evens?”
Mildred Mercer looked perturbed. “Well, I’ve got seven problems on my list.”
“Evens, then. That will be easier for me.  We will start with problem number 2?”

Odd or evens?
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