Monday 5th August 1991   Morning surgery 10:10

“You are back, again, Mrs Mercer. Didn’t Dennis and I see you last Thursday?”
“Yes, I couldn’t remember what you said about problem number 4 and I wanted to discuss the remaining problems, if that’s alright, and I have one new problem.”
“A new problem?” My Dad sounded surprised.
“Yes, it started this morning.”
“So, you’ve got five problems?”
“Have you written a new list?”
“No, I have brought last week’s list. I have added the new problem.”
“Fine, can you re-number the list for me, from 1 to 5?”
Mrs Mercer looked puzzled but did as she was asked.
“Excellent,” my Dad smiled reassuringly, “we will do odds today and start with problem number 1.”

Odds or evens?
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