Thursday 8th August 1991   Morning surgery 10:00

“I just have one remaining problem, doctor. I thought we could discuss it today.” Mildred Mercer sat down and smiled.
“I thought that there were two left?”
“There were but one is better.”
“That’s good news.”
“I have done a new list doctor.”
“Very good. Now, what did we discuss last Thursday?”
“My itchy rash, doctor and . . . “
“No, I mean odds or evens, Mrs Mercer. Did we discuss odds or evens?”
“Mmm . . . evens, we started with evens.”
“Yes, we did. What about Monday?”
“That was odds, doctor.”
“Yes, that’s right, Mrs Mercer, and today?”
Mrs Mercer looked down at her list. “Well, today should be evens, doctor, but I have only got one problem. That’s awkward.”
“It’s very awkward, Mrs Mercer. Are you sure that there is nothing else wrong?”
“No, doctor, everything else is fine. It’s just this . . .”
My Dad stood up. “I am sorry, Mrs Mercer, I will have to stop you. I am going to have to ask you to make another appointment.”

Odds or evens?
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