Friday 9th August 1991   After dinner 20:20

It wasn’t until my Dad found out that the Vaughans were going camping to the Shetlands at the same time as Mum and him, that he decided to go back to Agia Galini. After all, the decision had been a bit impulsive in the first place and who wants to spend two weeks in Unst in the rain. Declan and I had not managed to sort a holiday out with our mates and so Dad booked tickets for us as well.

Dad had to keep the new arrangements very quiet to avoid any repercussions during Mrs Vaughan’s fitness to travel medical. Apparently, her insurance company always insist on a full check up on the day before she travels. Because of this, he didn’t tell Mum we were going to Greece until tonight. She was furious because she had packed all the wrong clothes.

Camping in Scotland.
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