Thursday 15th August 1991   Lunchtime Agia Galini 12:00

Like clockwork, at midday on the first Thursday of the holiday, Mum, Dad and I all finished our third Summer blockbusters. Declan was still on the second page of his first novel.
Mum frowned. “You’re not doing very well, Declan.”
“He’s spent most of his time looking over the top of his book.”
“No, I haven’t. Dennis. I thought you were supposed to be bringing Kumar and Clark anyway.”
“It was too heavy,” Mum said. “You know your Dad won’t pay for any excess baggage.”

Kostas had saved us our usual sun beds under the fig tree. On the opposite side of the pool were a new family. Mr and Mrs Barton and their three attractive daughters
“I hope you haven’t had your eye on one of those young ladies, Declan?”
“No Dad, it’s just a boring story.”

Kumar and Clark is a famous textbook much loved by medical students.


Holiday reading.
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