Thursday 5th September 1991   Morning surgery 10:50

“We’ve just seen George Gwilym for you, Dr Lewis. He says he’s on a knife edge.” Dylan and Dilys had come to Dr Lewis’ door.
“He was bleeding from the tumour,” Dilys said. “It had eaten into a big blood vessel.”
“They think that because he was on warfarin, he lost about 6 pints of blood. He was lucky to have survived.”
“They stitched the vein and gave him a transfusion.”
“The doctors wanted to stop the warfarin but they were worried about him having more clots. They have given him heparin injections instead. They told him the injections were safer.” Dylan did not sound convinced.
“He wants to know if it is better to die of a haemorrhage or a blood clot.”
“I don’t think there is a lot to choose between the two,” said Dr Lewis. “If I was George, I think I would just keep my fingers crossed.”
“That’s what we thought.” Dylan said. Dilys looked flabbergasted.

On a knife edge.
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