Thursday 26th September 1991   Morning surgery 08:50

“Thanks for fitting us in at the last minute, Dr Dennis.” Mrs Farley looked very flustered. “I am so worried about this rash. It started yesterday but was much worse this morning.”
“That’s alright, Mrs Farley.” My Dad reassured her as she undressed Adam.
“As you can see, he’s fine in himself. He’s not had a temperature or a sore throat. I checked the rash with a glass, of course.”
“What happened? Did it disappear?”
“Yes, it did, doctor.” Mrs Farley took Adam’s vest off.
“Mrs Farley, I thought that if a rash blanched or disappeared with pressure, we could all be reassured.”
“Well . . .  yes, doctor, but as soon as you think about meningitis you’ve got to get them checked out; haven’t you?”

A blanching rash.