Thursday 5th December 1991   Thursday morning 12:10

Thread worms










Threadworms live inside your bottom. At night, when you are nice and warm in bed, they come out and lay their eggs on your skin. The eggs are very itchy. If you scratch, the eggs get stuck underneath your fingernails. When you have breakfast, unless you have washed your hands extremely carefully, you will swallow a few of the eggs. These will hatch into baby threadworms inside your intestines. Threadworms don’t usually cause tummy ache but they can cause a wriggly feeling. Lots of people have threadworms and don’t even know it. They often assume that their bottoms are itchy because they haven’t washed properly. If you want to see if you’ve got threadworms, you need to try to catch some.

Just before you go to bed, get a piece of double-sided sticky tape and stick it as close to your bottom as possible. Get into bed as normal. When you are asleep, the threadworms will crawl out of your bottom and get stuck onto the tape. You will find them there in the morning. Remove the sticky tape and peel the threadworms off. Put them into a jar. Take them straight to your pharmacist.

How to catch threadworms.