Thursday 12th December 1991   Morning surgery 10:50

“I’m feeling quite well at the moment, Dr Lewis.” George Gwilym sat down. “I am definitely better than I was. I am eating reasonably. Of course, I have to be careful. I can’t eat whatever I fancy and I have to chew everything very thoroughly.”
Dr Lewis smiled.
“I’m not as tired.” George continued. “I think my blood must back to normal. My breathing seems easier. I can keep up with Gwen unless it’s an emergency and she’s in a rush.”
“You are looking quite well,” said Dr Lewis.
The three of us nodded.
“Your blood is almost back to normal. You are still slightly anaemic.”
“I thought it must be better. I’m looking forward to Christmas. We’ve decided to invite the family round for Boxing Day. We always used to. I am not sure why we stopped, really. Gwen thought it would be good to have a get-together. There might not be many more.”
Dr Lewis leant forward  and squeezed George’s hand awkwardly. ” That sounds like a good idea and  I could see you again in the New Year?”
“Yes, I’ll make an appointment on the way out.”

You are looking quite well.
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