Thursday 6th February 1992   Morning surgery 11:00

“Vernon has changed his mind, doctor. I have had another chat with him and he has decided that he does want to be resuscitated.”
“I think that that is very sensible, Mrs Vaughan. After all, he is fairly fit for his age.”
“There is one condition, though.”
“Yes, he is happy for you to carry out any cardiac massage but he insists that only Dr Lewis should give him the kiss of life. Vernon is quite particular about anything like that. He’s old fashioned.”
“I will make a note of it, Mrs Vaughan.”
“I have had a rethink too, doctor. Although I have had quite a lot of very serious health scares over the years, I think I am in reasonably good shape. I have decided I would also like to be resuscitated.”
My Dad paused thoughtfully and sighed. “Are you quite sure, Mrs Vaughan?”
Mrs Vaughan frowned. “Yes, I am. Ideally, I would like my own doctor, young Dennis here, to give me the kiss of life. However, if Dennis isn’t available, I would happy for it to be done by either you or Doctor Lewis.”

Vernon’s changed his mind.
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