Thursday 12th March 1992   Morning surgery 11:20

“I’ve got pins and needles and numbness, doctor.  They are affecting my thumb, my index finger, my middle finger and, funnily enough, just this side of my ring finger. I don’t understand why just half of my ring finger would be affected.”
“That does seem strange, Mrs Vaughan.” My Dad raised his eyebrows and looked at us.

“The symptoms seem much worse at night. I’d say it was painful then. In fact, my wrist really aches.”
“Have you noticed any weakness of your thumb?”
“I have.  If you look at the palm of my hand you can see that the muscles on this side, by my thumb, are a little bit wasted.”
“They’re called the thenar muscles.”
“Yes. My grip has definitely been affected. I can’t give Vernon a good pinch anymore.” Mrs Vaughan paused. “I have also noticed that, if I tap firmly here on my wrist, I get a horrible, prickly, shooting sensation affecting those same fingers. I don’t like it at all.”
“Are you trying to tell me that you’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome, Mrs Vaughan?”
“Of course, I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr Dennis. I know that. But I have also been feeling tired and I’ve put on some weight. What I want to know is, is my carpal tunnel syndrome due to hypothyroidism?”

Pins and needles and numbness.
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