Wednesday 29th April 1992 At home 20.07

“Is that Dr Desmond Dennis?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Hallo! It’s Arthur Milne here from the Health and Safety Executive. I am sorry to ring you in the evening but we have been very busy this week.”
“That’s alright, Mr Milne. I have just finished my supper. What can I do for you?”
“Your cleaner, Ms Mandy Shaw, has submitted an incident report to us. She alleges that she burned her left little finger with bleach on Monday whilst working in the surgery. There were no gloves available.”
“They have been difficult to get hold of.”
“So you accept the allegation, Dr Dennis?”
“Yes, I cleaned and dressed the injury myself.”
“As far as the Health and Safety Executive is concerned, Dr Dennis, it makes no difference to us if you were trying to get hold of suitable gloves or not. An injury at work is an injury at work.”
“I see.”
“Besides, I don’t think there is a shortage of gloves at the moment. In fact, now that I think about it, my wife bought a pack of gloves from our local supermarket this weekend.”
“I prefer to buy cost-effectively in bulk, Mr Milne.”
“I am sure you do. Anyway, we are going to impose an on the spot fine of £300. You will receive notification of this in the post within 72 hours. I have also recommended that Mrs Shaw seeks a modest compensation payment. I trust you will not dispute this.”
“Mmm . . .” My Dad paused. “No, Mr Milne. No, of course not.”
“Excellent. That’s all I need to say, then. Thank you, Dr Dennis. Good evening!”

There were no gloves available.
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