Thursday 14th May 1992 Morning surgery 11.37

“Carbon monoxide poisoning? I think you may be right, Mrs Vaughan.”
“You think that I might be right?” Mrs Vaughan look surprised.
“Yes, you have got a lot of the symptoms. Throbbing headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, drowsiness . . .”
“I have, haven’t I?”
“Yes, my only concern is that your husband has not been affected. That is the only fly in the ointment.”
“Vernon is a very resilient man, doctor.”
My Dad looked Mrs Vaughan up and down thoughtfully. “I am well aware of that, Mrs Vaughan.”
“If it is carbon monoxide poisoning, do I need to go into hospital? Are you going to call an ambulance?”
“I don’t think there’s any need for that.”
“Are you sure, doctor? Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous.”
“You need to get that old boiler of yours checked, Mrs Vaughan. I have told you about it before. I want you to go home and open all the windows and doors. After you have done that, phone Mr Thomas, the heating engineer. He needs to come this morning. While you are waiting for Mr Thomas, I suggest that you and Vernon to go to Mrs Williams’ for a cup of tea. Once the boiler is fixed, you can go home. The symptoms should settle very quickly.”

Carbon monoxide poisoning.